Knowledge Base - Sobi2 Mailing plugin tutorial

Step 2: Setting the SOBI System Emails

The Mailing for SOBI2 plugin will use the same settings for email recipients as SOBI2 component. To set from where the client email address has to be taken please follow this steps in SOBI2 seting panel

  • Open your site in backend, and select the menu Components > Sobi2;
  • Go to the left side menu and choose (1) Configuration > (2) General Configuration;
  • (3) Choose “System Emails” tab;

In “System Emails” tab follow the “Use as client email address” line and here you can choose between SOBI2 entry or Joomla user management. Notice, that if the address is taken from the Joomla user management, adding entries has to be allowed only for registered users. Please see the pictures below:

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