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Welcome to this tutorial for the Mailing Plugin for SOBI2. The screen captures are made with the current version of the plugin and with Sobi, it is possible that some screens are slightly different on your version. The Mailing Plugin for SOBI2 is very simple SOBI2 plugin which lets you send emails to current email addresses used in SOBI2 entries. Mailing Plugin for SOBI2 it's easy to configure. Let's get started to set up this powerful SOBI2 plugin in few steps.

Step 1: Plugin Installation

You just download the plugin. For that you received by email a download link that contains the order number like "1234567890". Keep this email, with them you can download the updates.

  • Open your site in backend;
  • Select the menu Components > Sobi2
  • Go to the left side menu and choose Plugins > Plugin Manager.
  • Click the "Choose File" button and select the file;
  • Click install and the plugin should be installed.

In case of installation error:

  • Check writing privileges (CHMOD) in the folder 'com_sobi2/plugins' in 'components' and 'administrator / components';
  • Try to install an official plugin like Gallery from;
  • Perform a system check in Sobi and correct any errors;

Step 2: Setting the SOBI System Emails

The Mailing for SOBI2 plugin will use the same settings for email recipients as SOBI2 component. To set from where the client email address has to be taken please follow this steps in SOBI2 seting panel

  • Open your site in backend, and select the menu Components > Sobi2;
  • Go to the left side menu and choose (1) Configuration > (2) General Configuration;
  • (3) Choose “System Emails” tab;

In “System Emails” tab follow the “Use as client email address” line and here you can choose between SOBI2 entry or Joomla user management. Notice, that if the address is taken from the Joomla user management, adding entries has to be allowed only for registered users. Please see the pictures below:

Step 3: Setting the Mailing plugin parameters

Before you will start using Mailing plugin is necessary to set backend plugin parameters , choose the categories, sub-cateogries and, if you need, set filters.

  • Open your site in backend, and select the menu Components > Sobi2; Sobi2;
  • Go to the left side menu and choose Plugins > Plugin Manager;
  • Choose Mailing Plugin. Go to Mailing tab and find "Parameters” line.;

3.1 Setting the filter and categories for recipients

With Mailing Plugin for SOBI2 you can easy manage the recipients for your emails. You can choose easily where the client email addres has to be taken. Don't wory about wrong email messages. The Mailing Plugin for SOBI 2 lets you to test your email before you will start to send it to the customers.

So, let's get start and setup the parameters :

    • (1) Use as client email address: This line only confirm from where the client email address has to be taken as shown at Step 2 of this tutorial. ;
    • (2) Number of emails: This line let you to choose how many emails will be sent one time. You can choose between 20 and 300 emails which will be sent at the same time. Please be careful until you choose high value and ask your hosting provider about his settings for SPAM filter. These operations need to be re-started manualy for each series of entries at once.;
    • (3) Filter: if you need to select from all the entries depending of one SOBI2 custom fields, here you can choose which fields will be use and the parameter. In last box you will fill with the value of selected custom fields, as you wish. For example, a good idea is to create a custom field checkbox named 'accept newsletters', and create a filter 'field_newsletter > 0'.

  • (4) Send the email to: allow to choose what kind of email you will be send and here you select the category for send the email. At the beginning we recomand to sent email as “test email” and check the email content using an “Test email address”. If you select “Selected category” value the Mailing Plugin for SOBI2 will let you to choose the First category and Parent category from your SOBI2 categories tree. Alternatively, you can send emails to all entries or only Selected category.
  • (5) Test email address: Please fill here with one testing email address using for test the email message.

3.2 Setting the email subject and content

The Mailing Plugin for SOBI2 let user to customize their email which will be sent using placeholders.

The following placeholders can be used in the emails:

  • {sobi} - will be replaced with Sobi2 name (adjustable in General configuration - Component Name)
  • {sitename} - will be replaced with live site name
  • {user} - will be replaced with user name
  • {id} - will be replaced with Sobi2 Id
  • {title} - will be replaced with entry title
  • {link_details} - will be replaced with link to details view
  • {link_edit} - will be replaced with link to edit function
  • {expiration_date} - will be replaced with date the entry will stop publishing
  • {expiration_time} - will be replaced with the number of days of publishing
  • {selected_options} - will be replaced with selected non free options (only for payment emails)
  • {total} - will be replaced with total amount of non free options (only for payment emails)
  • {paypal_url} - will be replaced with PayPal URL (only for payment emails)
  • {bank_data} - will be replaced with with bank data info for payments (only for payment emails)

Additionaly you can use every field name as placeholder. For example: {field_email} will be replaced with content entered in field_email. In this case with the email address.

Attachment: If is necessary you can attach one file on your email massages.

Step 4: Review settings and sending messages

It's time to send your very first email using Mailing SOBI2 Plugin. If you tried first to send test email as shown at 3.1 of this tutorial and all things went well now is time to start sending real email to your recipients.

Observation: Before you can start sending, please review settings for Category choice and Filter and be shure all configurations have been chosen well.

If all settings are doing well, click onto the 'Go!” button. The emails is sending.

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