Knowledge Base - How to setup the Geolocalise template?

There is multiple way to geocode an entry with this plugin. Some need a frontend integration:

  • Multiple entries batch geocode from backend (dont need integration, it's a backend tool)
  • Silent geocode durring entry save process (dont need integration)
  • Geocode from uploaded gallery images (need a button and optional map) : [BTN_GEOCODE_GALLERY]
  • Geocode from entered address on user demand (need a button and optional map) : [BTN_GEOCODE_ADDRESS]
  • Get coordinates by pick a point on a map (need a map) : [MAP_GEOCODE]


The frontend integration, work in a template method by using placeholders variables. You can insert each variable where you want, and use any html snippet. Sample:

  <td> Please pick a point:
   Or get the position from your address :<br />
   [BTN_GEOCODE_ADDRESS]<br /><br />
   Or get fetched from your images* :<br />
   <br /><br /><br />
    * image need to have embded coordinates (iphone, android phones, or other gps device)

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