Knowledge Base - How to use revert Geolocalise

Its possible to use this plugin as reverse geocoding (get the real address... street, city, ... from the GPS coordinates). This make sense if you have many entries with only the coordinates (lat+long) and not the postal addresse. To use this, simply follow these steps and see captures bellow:

  • Ensure you that you have at least the version 2.6.0 of Geolocalise plugin
  • Go to Sobi2 backend's plugin section
  • Click on Geolocalise plugin
  • Go to second tab, and select the Full addresse field
  • Go to the first tab, and set the Reverse geocode to YES


Note 1 : It's not possible to save the address in different fields (city, street, ...), because the returned value is a string without difference (Salem lot road 5, Banghor, Maine, USA, or dependnig the acuracy : Banghor, Maine, USA), then you need to create a custom field to get the full address into, like field_full_address

Note 2 : If you create a new field, please clean the 2 Sobi2 caches (to be sure that the address is displayed in frontent).

Note 3 : Text from google: "Reverse geocoding is an estimate. The geocoder will attempt to find the closest addressable location within a certain tolerance; if no match is found, the geocoder will return zero results.".


geoloc_1 Here you see to activation of revert Geocode
geoloc_2 Here you see the Full addresse option
geoloc_3 Here you see a geocoded entry. The top addresse is entered by the user, and, the coordinates are picked on the map, and finaly to check I have reverse geocoded, and the addresse is outputed in Geocoded addresse.

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