Knowledge Base - What is minimum fields for SOBI2 Geocodlise Plugin?


"We have a website with 800+ SOBI2 entries. Many of them do not have full addresses, perhaps just postal codes for many. Will the batch update for the Geocodlise Plugin still be able to geocode these from a zip code only, or will it fail? I was not able to find out what the minimum number of address fields are for a successful use of your product. Please answer as soon as possible, we will buy today if it can work for us."


Short version : The minimume field is one.

You can select only the Postal code (ZIP) as address, and then the entries will be geocoded only from the ZIP. Of course, if you set more fields, then the address will be geocoded with more accuracy.

My tip: At first set the address fields with the maximum fields (City, street, zip, ...), and send the batch. Then some entries will not be geocoded, and in this case you can restart a geocode process with the following options: only the zip field, and use the 'only entries without coordinates' filter. Note that in many case if an entry have only ZIP and you have set all field, the coordinates will be found too.

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