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Step 4: Entries managment

Open your site in backend, and select the menu Components > Sobi2. Once in the component Sobi2, go to the left side menu and choose Plugins > Plugin Manager and choose Geolocalise. Go to Entries managment. Here you will see two line:

4.1 . "Action": manage the made request for Google Maps for your SOBI adds.

Remember: Google dont allow more than 15000 request by 24h period and by IP, do not abuse, else Google can be remove your apiKey and block your account.

4.2 "Geocoding options"

  • Category choice: Choose the SOBI category for Geolocalise
  • Common Address: If you have a part of addreses of your SOBI entry defined in same way, you can add a common complementar address for each entries. For example: Paris+France. Please separate all items with the \'+\' charter.
  • Include childs: include sub-categories entries
  • Include unpublished: include the unpublished entries
  • Options: You can choose between entries without coordinates or entries with coordinates defined.

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