Knowledge Base - How to use this plugin and keep the cache ON?

The Sobi2 cache work like this: each entry and listing are stored into the SERVER database at the first time they are drawn. Then theses entries have the same appearence for each user.

Favorite plugin display a button (or a link or an image) named 'add' or 'remove' favorites. Then then entries dont have thesame appearence between 2 different users (not the same favorites for all). Because this reason, the cache need to be disabled and cleared and the entries are redraw each time a user open an entry with the right button (add or remove favorite).

The tip is to set a generic button into the button, for exemple 'favorites' or '+/- favorites'. Then all entries are similars, for each user and the cache can be enabled. In the favorites list, its possible to show an red X that allow to remove the entries from user favorites.

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