Knowledge Base - Allowed memory size exhausted related problems

"I use 30'000 categories in 3 level (Country-City-Locality). When I use Easy Catergory plugin Joomla an error:

"Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted"

I increased the amount of memory to 256MB and there was an error: "MySQL server has gone away"

Maybe Easy Catergory plugin loads all categories at once? Please explain to me what to do."


This is due to a bug, this bug will be corrected in the next version. For now it's easy to correct this by following these steps:

  • Goto plugin configuration
  • Select the display mode "Singles combox"
  • Edit the ID parent category and set each 5 to 0
  • Select the display mode you are curretly selected like "Multiple combox columns"

This parameter (ID parent) is not used in this mode.

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