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What is it

JEvents is a well known, loved and No.1 rated Calendar extension for Joomla! Which consists of a number of modules and plugins. By using Geocode Factory's JEvents gateway, you can plot your events on a map.




Note: In order to use Geocode Factory's JEvents gateway, you need to have Geocode Factory v5 component already installed and of course the JEvent component.

The gateway plugin for JEvent is not included in your Geocode Factory 5 package by default. They is optional extra plugin

Access and Download

Please read the Download, install and update manual for more information. 


The JEvent Gateway plugin is installed using the standard Joomla installer.


JEvents Geocode

In JEvents you can use the optional JEvents Locations plugin or the core component..


JEvent Gateway plugin

Select the colors of the lines drawn between the markers in two different cases. To do this click on the hexadecimal color code and select the color from the palette pop-up. Or alternatively, you can type in the hexadecimal color code of your choice in the field directly. Of course the JEvents Gateway is needed to have profiles markers (users) drawn on the map.

jomsocial event plugin

  • Colors of the lines between events and owners: This option will draw lines between the Event markers and the owner users markers. For these lines to be drawn on your map, you need to enable the “Connect entries-owners” option, by setting it to yes, in your markerset’s settings.
  • Colors of the lines between events and guests: This option will draw lines between the Event markers and the users that have confirmed the event. For these lines to be drawn on your map, you need to enable the “Connect events-guests” option, by setting it to yes, in your markerset’s settings.
  • connect lines

    (If you do not use these two features, you do not need to configure anything here)

Pattern manager and JEvents

When you enter the pattern manager you will see that one default pattern for JEvents is created automatically when you installed the plugin.

JS default pattern

As we mentioned before the coordinate fields for the user location are defined by the core component. There is the same for the address fields. The pattern is only used for identifying the markersets.


The specific settings tab

The options on this tab are generated based on the currently selected pattern. In this tab you can select various different filters for the current markerset allowing you to further customise your data pool. You may also select some other options which are not filter related.

jomsocial event gf

  • Filter Generator: Here you can introduce SQL queries to filter out your results. The Geocode Factory query will be build with your optional filter. For instance, in the example above the condition is that the data in the field "city" has to be equal to "Zurich". This way, the JEvents which meet this condition will be used only. There is a list of different queries based on time:
    • dtstart> '2011-08-15 11:00:00' create a filter that filters entries that take place AFTER August 15, 2011.
    • dtstart> '2011-08-01' AND startdate < '2011-09-31' filter between 2 dates
    • dtstart> NOW() future events since now

Warning: The use of this feature is the most common source of errors that result in no markerset being displayed! Remember that here you are adding a clause/condition affecting the mysql database query. Each wrong or missing charter/quote will cause an error. Handle with care!

  • Date format: Select here the date format to display dates into the bubble or such.
  • Only furure or past Events : This option will automatically display only past, futur or all events. We can imagine 2 markersets, for past events, a grey icon and for future events, a color icon.
  • Draw Lines ... : Select if you wish to Draw Lines between the markers.

Applies To

Geocode Factory 5