Knowledge Base - Gateway for GPS Tools

Gateway Plugin configuration

Inside the joomla “Plugin Manager” you will find the GPS Tool gateway plugin. To locate it more easily, you can use the filter by adding the text “geocode” for example, like in the following image.

SPgateway joomla plugin manager

Configuring the GPS Tools gateway plugin you have the following options

  • Colors of the lines between owners and content markers: This option will draw lines between the markers between each owner and his/her GPS Tools track. This feature require one of the following gateway Community Builder / Jomsocial gateway plugin. For these lines to be drawn on your map, you need to enable the “Connect my addresses” option, by setting it to yes, in your map’s settings. This specific option is found in the “Map Settings” tab of the “Map Manager”.
  • To select the colors of the lines drawn in this case, click on the hexadecimal color code and select the color from the palette pop-up. Or alternatively, you can type in the hexadecimal color code of your choice in the field directly.
  • Path to the tracks files: This define the path where GPS Tool store the GPX/KML files.

Applies To

Geocode Factory 5