Knowledge Base - Tutorial : Radius Search for Community Builder


Requirements: your CB profiles need to be geocoded, this mean having longitude ant latitude (Geocode Factory have a batch tool).

Step 1 - Download your plugin

After you purchased your plugin, you need to download it:

  • Go to " >> Downloads >> My Downloads".
  • Locate the "Community Builder Radius Search plugin".
  • Download it. Depending your support plan, this action will decrease the number of allowed downloads

Step 2 - Plugin installation

This plugin is a Community Builder plugin, and need to be installed through the Community Builder plugin manager. A common error is to try to install the plugin through Joomla and then you will see errors like "there is no installation XML file..." or such errors.

  • Go on your Joomla's backend
  • Go on  "Extensions >> Community Builder >> Plugin Management"
  • Depending the version of CB (1.x or 2.x), there is a [Install CB plugin] button, or after the list of installed plugins a [Browse button]:
  • Cb-radius-install-btn
  • In both case, browse for the plugin zip file you have just downloaded:
  • cb-radius-install-form
  • Finaly the new plugin appears in the plugin list, ensure it's plublished.
  • cb-radius-plugin-list

Step 3 - Build a Search Form (CB stuff)

This plugin work with the Community Builder core search, here is a little help how to build a core search form.

A CB core search form is always linked with a CB list, then you need to create a CB list first. Optional, to have advanced search options, you need to edit your custom field to make them searchable.

In the CB List edition, there is one important setting, the number of entries per page, set any value here (If you use a Geocode Factory map, the number of markers will depend this):


Another important setting, is in the related menu item you create for the list. You need to select the right search mode:


This is pure CB stuff, you will certainly find more and better help about this on the documentation.


We can now fine tune the plugin with a lot of options.


Fly over each option, you will see a little help. We explain the most important option here.


You have 2 solutions to draw the plugin in the search form:

  • Using the default option: this option will draw the radius search field, in the default CB design. This will also use the field label setting.
  • Using a template: You can write any html code to fit your own (CB) template, and simply enter the folowing placeholders: {centerpoint} will be replaced by the center point selection and {distances} will be replaced by the list of distances.

Radius search field place

Regarding the CB plugins structure, there is no option to fine tune the radius search plugin ordering (it's not a custom field). You can simply select to place it at:

  • end of custom fields (if you have configured them to be shown here),
  • or in top of result list.

Here you see the both option in the same form:


Distances and unit

You can fine tune the list of available distances, and define the unit used and shown for the radius.

Autocompletion options

  • Load library: If you already have a google maps library loaded (and have message such 'Google map api loaded multiple times...'), you can disable the load of the library by this plugin
  • Auto-locate: We can fetch the real user's position and pre-fill the center point with this position. The most accurate option will search the position throught the GPS device (mobile phone) or browser geolocation, but this requier a one time browser's privacy policy appliance. Alternatively we can try to fetch the user's position server side, without any message but in some case the position is not accurate (country or state level).

Known limitation

Because the distance is a calculated value (not a field), is not possible to display the distance from center point on the entries. For the same reason, it' also not possible to sort the search result by distance.

Working with Geocode Factory

If you publish a Geocode Factory map with CB markers (the CB gateway is needed for Geocode Factory 5, and for Geocode Factory 3 (Joomla 1.5-2.5) the CB search plugin is needed), through the Geocode Factory map module, on the same page where the CB search form is published, then you will see the search result on this map.


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