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Levels and Markersets




Unlike most other Geocode Factory plugins, the only place where the plugin set-up takes place is within the markersets manager.

As we mentioned in the beginning, Geocode Factory's Levels plugin allows you to create hierarchical levels of checkboxes that filter through the data to be displayed on your maps. These different levels of checkboxes allow your users to select different combinations of dependancies from the available checkbox options.

As you may already know, a checkbox in Geocode Factory represents a markerset. Each level can have one or more markersets/checkboxes assigned to it. And of course each markerset in Geocode Factory can have one or more sets of filtering criteria applied to it.

How it Works - Our Example

To illustrate, we will showcase the following example of a map displaying site users from the Community Builder extension.

Our first level has checkboxes that filter the cities our users are located in, while the second level displays checkboxes that filter our users' Sex.

In the first image, all users from the three available cities are displayed on the map (8 in total), as you see here:


In the second image, we will unselect the the "Men" checkbox to display the women only (from all the three available cities again). As you see in the following image we don't have any women in Milan.



In our final illustration we select to see the men located in Zurich and Milan only:



Now, let's have a look at how to set them up.

Applies To

Geocode Factory 5