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Note: In order to use Geocode Factory's Community Builder levels plugin, you need to have the Geocode Factory 5 component already installed.

If you plan on using the levels plugin for filtering data of other 3rd party extension(s) (ex: SobiPro, K2, CB, Mosets, etc) you will also need to have installed the(se) extension(s) as well as the appropriate Geocode Factory Gateway plugin(s).

For examlpe, in our levels plugin documentation we will be using the data provided by a Community Builder Joomla installation. In this case, we have already installed the Community Builder extension as well as the Geocode Factory profile and gateway plugins for Community Builder.

Please note that the profile and gateway plugins for Community Builder (or any other 3rd party extension) are not included in your Geocode Factory 5 package by default. These are optional extras.

Access and Download

Please read the Download, install and update manual for more information.


The Geocode Factory Levels plugin file "" is installed using the standard Joomla installer (please see the main GF5 documentation).



Applies To

Geocode Factory 5