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Pattern manager and Seblod

When you enter the pattern manager you will see that each SEBLOD build articles, users, forms, ...  have a default available pattern. These pattern was created automatically when you installed the plugin.


Please note that this screen depends your configuraiton.

Click on any "Default - Seblod - xxx" pattern and go to the third tab "Assign fields to the values".

Location data assignment from your Seblod fields

As we mentioned before, in order to geocode your Adsmanager (free) articles using the Geocode Factory Adsmanager gateway plugin you need:

1-) Address fields to fetch the coordinates: You can choose which fields you wish to assign for your needs. Not all fields apearing here need to have a selection. In other words, you can choose not to use some field assignments. In such a case, for the unused address fields the default option "Select" has to be selected.

2-) Coordinate fields to store the fetched data in: The coordinate fields need to be text types for them to show up as an option in the associated dropdowns of the latitude and longitutde fields. Please note that these fields will be used to store the coordinates fetched from the address fields above.

The coordinates field can of course be hidden fields! 

Applies To

Geocode Factory 5