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To geocode your Seblod content using the Geocode Factory Seblod gateway plugin you will need to use Seblod custom fields. Geocoding simply means to assign the proper coordinates for their location. To Geocode your Seblod content you simply need 2 main set of fields:

Address fields

Several location field like street, city, postcode... more you define, more accurate will be the position.

Coordinate fields

Two text fields that will receive the latitude and longitude of each content after the geocode (these must be created separately but can be hidden).

Please note that Seblod provide a free field type that allow you to geocode any content during the saving process this 'Address to coordinates' plugin is free. Parameters include the choice of location fields and two text inputs for designating your latitude and longitude field as Geocode Factory, all is compatible!

Create theses fields in each content you want to put on a map before configuring the Seblod gateway plugin.

Applies To

Geocode Factory 5