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Gateway Plugin configuration

Inside the joomla “Plugin Manager” you will find the Gateway plugins you installed. To locate them more easily, you can use the filter by adding the text “geocode” for example, like in the following image. You should see the following two plugins at least.

 joomla plugin manager

Geocode Factory - Joomla Gateway plugin

You do not need to configure anything in this plugin. The only thing is to make sure it is published (published by default).


Geocode Factory - K2 Gateway plugin

Configuring the K2 Gateway plugin you have the following options:

k2 gateway plugin

Colors of the lines between owners and content markers: If you choose to use the "Draw Lines" option (Specific Settings tab in Markerset manager) of Geocode Factory for the K2 gateway plugin, you can configure the color of the lines drawn between the markers here. To do so click on the hexadecimal color code and select the color from the palette pop-up. Or alternatively, you can type in the hexadecimal color code of your choice in the field directly.

Default avatar image: Optionally, you can select a default avatar image here for profiles without an image. If left empty the default Google pin will be used in this case.

Location fields group: Select the custom fields group you created in the previous step, the K2 preparation section (There is also an option to use custom fields from multiple groups. To do this you need to enable the 'All fields' option in component settings).

Used pattern: Select the default pattern for K2. A default pattern is created automatically when you install the plugin.

Silent geocode: Define if yes or no, the article is geocoded when the save button is clicked.

Applies To

Geocode Factory 5