Knowledge Base - Tutorial : Radius Search for Mosets Tree


Step 1 - Enable plugins installation

First of all you need to enable the Mosets Tree feature that allow to install plugins. This is a pure Mosets Tree process.

  • Go to Joomla's "Extension Manager >> Manage".
  • Search for a plugin named "Extension - Mosets”, as you see this extension is part of Mosets Tree core.
  • Make sure that this extension is enabled, as indicated by a green tick

Step 2 - Plugin installation

Now we need to install the Mosets Radius Search plugin you just bought:

  • Go on " >> my subscriptions", and download the Mosets Tree Radius search
  • Go to Joomla's "Extension Manager >> Install"
  • Install the plugin you have just downloaded:

20141228-15 48 32-000046

Step 3 - Enable the plugin

Finaly we need to publish the Radius Search plugin:

  • On the backend, go on the Mosets Tree control panel
  • Select the Custom fields menu
  • Click on 'New'
  • Select Radius Search plugin as field type and enter a caption.
  • Enable the field in 'Advanced search':
  • 20141228-17 01 14-000048
  • Save

Important: you need to save at least 2 times: 1 time for enabling the radius option and 1 time for save theses options. This is Mosets tree mechanism.

Mosets tree cusom field radius search

At this point the plugin work, you can try it on the frontent search form.


We can now fine tune the plugin with a lot of options.  Fly over each option, you will see a little help. Save a new time (to save the Radius options).


Normaly I do not need to provide info here, it need to be intuitive for end user. Simply enter an address as center point (the autocomplete list should appear), and a distance. Add another filter in regular search...

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Mosets Tree Radius Search