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Radius form

The radius form can be dispalyed in 3 different methods. You can select them on the map editor on the radius tab.

  • On map: the easyest method, all is automatic, the radius form is inserted on the map top place.
  • Basic form: this will display the predefined form, and will be placed in place of the {radius_form} placeholder.
  • Custom form: use the template for the radius, and, like the basic form, will replace the radius placeholder. See bellow how to configure the template.

Radius template

This template is also based on placeholders, and html code. There is the list of available placeholders:

  • {input}: the inputbox where the user can enter the places (city, zipcodes, ...) that define the radius center
  • {distances}: the select list of available distances. You can define the distance in the radius tab
  • {button}: represents the search button



Applies To

Geocode Factory 5