Knowledge Base - First map check list

This document is not a manual. The purpose of this document is more checklist oriented, to help Geocode Factory beginner, to start quickly. For customers that have bought a support plan, it's also good to mention here the related point where an issue is.

  • 1 Installation
    • 1.1 Install the core component
    • 1.2 Install the needed gateway (for Joomla content, and/or Sobipro, and/or Jomsocial, and/or ...)
    • 1.3 Install the module if needed
    • 1.4 If you have a subscription plan, do not forget to enter the code in the component settings (for the updates)
  • 2 Pattern manager
    • 2.1 Select the pattern manager
    • 2.2 Edit the default pattern or create a new one for the third party extension you need (Joomla content, Sobipro, Jomsocial, ...)
    • 2.3 Select the fields that define latitude and longitude fields (depending the extension)
    • 2.3 Select the fields that define address (depending the extension)
  • 3 Geocode
    • 3.1 Select the extension and the pattern where you want to geocode the content
    • 3.2 Your entries/profiles should appear in the list
    • 3.3 If your contents already have coordinates (a mini map appears), then you can go to step 4
    • 3.4 Enable filters if neeed
    • 3.5 Click the 'Geocode' button
  • 4 Map manager
    • 4.1 Create a map (at least a name, default center coordinates, auto template, radius search method on map
  • 5 Markerset manager
    • 5.1 Create a markerset based on the pattern you created before.
    • 5.2 Set some default values, assign the markerset to the map.
  • 6 Publishing map
    • 6.1 Create a joomla menu, select the right map.
    • 6.2 I frontend it should display a map with a radius search and if you create a second markerset a list of markersets (filters)
    • 6.3 You can also use the map module to publish the map.

Applies To

Geocode Factory 5