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On the Geocode Factory 5 control panel, you find a version checker, that will display you a list of all installed extensions related to Geocode Factory 5. When an update is available, you will see a 'update' button appearing near the related product. Clicking this update button will automatically download and install the related product.


Geocode Factory

For the main products like the component, module, or Joomla article gateway, you can simply use the 'update' button, or use the Joomla extension updater interface.

Optional plugins

Because some of the optional plugins are commercial extensions, you need to include in Geocode Factory 5 configuration the subscription number. Then the version checker can inform you when a new version is available and install it for you. You need to enter the code in this format: 13.04.2014 16:59:29 (is the expiration date of your subscription, h:m:s).

Note: if you do not enter you subscription number or if your subscription is expired, you will also be notified about new version, but the file cannot be installed.

If you have a subscription, you need to enter the code you received with the purchase confirmation email. Entering this code into the main configuration (see below) will allow Geocode Factory to be able to update products from your subscription without the need for you to download and install them manually.

Note: If your subscription is expired you must renew to get the latest versions. 


Applies To

Geocode Factory 5