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Optional plugins

Geocode Factory 5 works with a plugin concept. These plugins are optional and depend on your needs.

Note: In order to use Geocode Factory's optional gateway plugins, you need to have Geocode Factory 5 component already installed.


To access and download these files you need to enter to your Geocode Factory v5 subscription and purchase extra plugin (s). Go to your "My Subscriptions" on You will be prompted to login to the site if you haven’t done so already.


You should then select your Geocode Factory 5 subscription (see Main documentation for more details on how to reach this step), even if is expired.

Once inside this, if the subscription is expired, you need to renew it (you can change the support plan), and scroll to the middle of the screen and click on "Add Gateway plugin for [the needed extension] to this subscription":

CB Gateway plugin subscription

On the next page you will be asked to select your payment method.

CB Gateway plugin payment

Once the transaction is complete, your new Geocode Factory 5 subscription should be visible under your "My Subcriptions" page and you can download it exactely like the core component (see above).


Simply login on, and in the Memberships menu, select the My subscriptions sub menu.

And on the botton of the page, you will see all file you have access. See this capture, You can download:

  • the Geocode Factory core files, and
  • near the arrow, you see the Gateway - Sobipro folder, and in this folder you can see your extra files



Optional gateway plugins are installable trought the Joomla installer, like any other extensions. Follow the same process as above for downloading and installing other optional 3rd party extension plugins (gateway and/or profile plugins).  In other words, these files are downloadable from your subscription (optional extras) and installed through the Joomla extension manager installer.

Note: For some optionnal plugins, there is more than just a gateway plugin. Typicaly for the user profile manager gateway (like CB or Jomsocial) there is an optional profile plugin. In this case the installation process is described in the related gateway plugin documentation.

Applies To

Geocode Factory 5