Knowledge Base - Download, install and update Geocode Factory 5

Main component package

As explained on the main documentation article, Geocode Factory 5 contains the main component package, the plugins for mapping Joomla content and some optional/general GF addons. The following is the list of contents found inside the basic package:

  • Main package file that contains all other extension, "one file" installation:
    • contains all file described bellow. All needed extensions are installed and enabled. 

At the same level you will also find a folder named 'inlcudes' that contains all files separately, for manual installation:

  • Core component with common tools (maps management, markers management, pattern management, useful tools, etc)
  • GF addons for general use (to be used with any 3rd party extension plugins/gateways)
    • Map display module, allows you to show map on any module position.
    • display a radius search form on any module position (even without the map)
    • plg_geofactory_load_map: This plugin displays (loads) Geocode Factory maps inside Joomla content (or inside other 3rd party extensions, ex: SobiPro).
  • GF plugins for mapping (geocoding) Joomla content
    • Gateway plugin between Geocode Factory and Joomla content.
    • Content plugin to display maps in Joomla content and geocoded articles.
    • Editor button to geocode (fetch coordinates of) your Joomla articles.


Before you can download Geocode Factory you need to choose a plan, with or without support. 

To access and download the Geocode Factory 5 main package files, click on the My Subscriptions option found in the Memberships menu at You will be prompted to login to the site if you haven’t done so already.

my subscriptions menu

You should then select your Geocode Factory 5 subscription, in the following image it is the 4th one (and it’s the no support included subscription, your case may be different):


Once inside, scroll to the bottom of the page. and clicking on the “Geocode Factory 5 - core files”.

On the following screen, as you scroll again to the bottom of the page, you will see the package, an includes folder and an index.html file.

The is an installable file that includes (and installs) ALL the added plugins and the module in one take. 

If you click on the includes folder you will see all the individual packages that are inculded inside the file.


 gecode factory5 files


And after selecting the "includes folder", you will see all the package files individualy. So if you don't wish to install all of these using the all-inclusive package, this is where you want to look. Simply download the files you choose to install here.


GF5 package files


All basic files are installable through the standard Joomla installer.

You have two options: 

  1. If you want to install all the available files you can simply install the package. This will automatically install everything at once.
  2. If you don't need to install all optional plugins, you can simply select the ones you will need. In this case, begin by installing the core component “” and then the rest of the files you need.

Example: The plugin files "plg_geofactory_gw_jc", "plg_geofactory_content_jc" and "" are used to map out joomla content (articles). If you do not intend to use Geocode Factory 5 to map joomla content, you don't need to install these.



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