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Pattern manager and Jomsocial

When you enter the pattern manager you will see that one default pattern for Jomsocial is created automatically when you installed the plugin.

JS default pattern

As we mentioned before the coordinate fields for the user location are defined by the core component based on your selection of custom field to determine the address that is to be geocoded. However, there are an unlimited number of custom fields you can make available for determining addresse /location. The pattern is only used for batch geocoding from backend.

JS pattern field association

See here how to configure the different fields:

  • City: Select the field where you are storing the user's city. ususaly is the Jomsocial_city field.
  • Other address fields: Exacteley like the city, select here any field that define the address.

Note: Like described in main documentation, more fields you set for the address, more accurate will be the markers.

Note: If you are using more advanced fields (non-textual), like a country-selector and this field does not appear then you can go in Geocode Factory settings, and set the 'Use all fields' to YES.

Applies To

Geocode Factory 5