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Jomsocial Profile plugin 

Configuring the Jomsocial Profile plugin you have the following options:

On the first tab "Details" you only have some very basic fields to configure like the "Enabled", "Access" and "Ordering" status.

JS community plugin config


On the second tab "Basic options" you can configure the following three options:


Core Application: Select whether you want this application to appear in the users application list. If set to Yes it will not appear in the list but it will automatically appear in the user profile. This setting will make this plugin seem like a "core" application (i this correct? see more about core below ?)

Available Positions: Select from the available Jomsocial positions, the place where you want the map to appear.

Map Selection: Sect the Geocode Facctory map to use for this. This list is populated from the maps available in your GF5 map manager.

Jomsocial Core Map integration

In Jomsocial, the coordinate fields are defined by the core component but you can select any custom field to determine the address that is geocoded when user register or edit the profile from frontent.

jomsocial core map integration

Applies To

Geocode Factory 5