Knowledge Base - Tutorial Easy Category plugin for Sobi2

Ci-dessous quelques explication concernant les paramètres du plugin. Dans l'exemple suivant, vous comprendrez mieux l'utilité des divers paramèters. Les paramètres sobi propres aux categories sont pris en compte. C'est à dire que le nombre de catégories, leur prix respectifs, ... définis dans sobi sont utilisés et gérés par le plugin.

Below some explanations for the plugin's parameters. In the following examples, you will better understand the utility of various parameters. The Sobi specific categories parameters are used. This means that the number of categories, their respective prices, ... defined in Sobi are used and managed by the plugin.


Select Form Position: Select the position in the form page, where the categories selector should be displayed. Note that you can show them only into the custom fields. If you enter 1, the selector should be on the first position (after the Title), if you enter 99, it's at the last position (before icon and image). If you use a custom entry form template, then this parameter take no effect.

Add custom JS function (Y/N): This allows to enable a JS function named 'customCategoriesAction_1(list)' (_1, _2, ... ) on the onChange event of the list. Then you can write a JS function in the template of the entry form to do a custom action.

Show price (Y/N): Show the price of the free and not free category, depending the sobi parameters.

Show description (Y/N): Show the short description of each category when is selected.

Disable parents (Y/N): If the selection of categories with children cats is disaloved by sobi, then the parent is disabled (non-selectable) in the listbox.

ID parent category (Y/N): Allows to define the parent category of a listbox. This listbox should display only the childs categories for the ID category, for example: if you have a 'cities' category that contains cities and a 'age' category that contains ages. You find the category ids in the category manager. In this case, the title of the listbox is the parent category.

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