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Auto-fill the profile address fields


When a user use your registration form, it's possible to pre-fill the address fields based on the user's position or on a point picked on the map. There is 4 conditions for this:

  • Have the used coordinates fields published on the registration form (can be hided by CSS)
  • Have a Geocode Factory pattern selected for the address fields [1]
  • Choice the Auto-fill option [2]. This option display a checkbox on the profile [4] page that is default checked or not.
  • Auto-fill label [3] represent the displayed text.
  • 20160322-19 03 48-000420

    Now, on the map if you move the marker [5] (or enter an address, or when page is loaded), the address if fetched.

    20160322-19 12 55-000421

    20160322-19 13 53-000423

    Applies To

    Geocode Factory 5