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Community Builder search results on a map

The Community Builder Gateway plugin allows you to display maps from Geocode Factory on Community Builder search pages. You need to have the Geocode Factory 5 map module (included in base package) installed and published on the Community Builder search pages where you want the map to display.

Please read the Community Builder documentation to learn how to create the search form. In summary, you need to create user lists, based on several filters (you can have multiple lists, with each it's own map). On the list there is a search field, and depending how you have set your custom fields (searchable or not), you can have advanced search options.


To generate a map displaying Community Builder search results you need two things:

  • Map defined for this purpose
  • A marker set in Geocode Factory that is set up for Community Builder with a minimum of all searchables users included

Note: You can add more than one markerset. For example you can also display markers from Joomla content articles. They will not be affected by search results. Only the Community Builder profiles (markers) will be filtered in the search results map.

To display the map, go to the map module configuration, select the desired map and publish it in the desired module position on at least on the CB search page. Make sure to select the map you configured for this purpose.

Community Builder does not offer any plugin developer interface in its search process to include a real radius search field in the form itself, but... with Geocode Factory and the Community Builder Gateway plugin, you can still offer your users radius search functionality in your community. To do this, simply let the user complete a Community Builder search to generate the markerset data, then perform a radius search on the map itself via the Geocode Factory radius search feature! (It is advisable to place this button near the map for ease of use)

Applies To

Geocode Factory 5