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The specific settings tab

The options on this tab are generated based on the currently selected pattern. In this tab you can select various different filters for the current markerset allowing you to further customize your data pool. You may also select some other options which are not filter-related.

CB Specific Settings tab

  • Filter Generator: Here you can introduce SQL queries to filter out your results. The Geocode Factory query will be build with your optional filter. For instance, in the example above the condition is that the data in the field "cb_listme" has to be equal to "On". This way, the CB profiles which meet this condition will be used only. The idea here is to have a checkbox field (cb_listme) where your members choose whether they want to have their location displayed on the map "On", or not "Off". Of course this field could be an administrative one instead, it's up to you and what you want to achieve.

Warning: The use of this feature is the most common source of errors that result in no markerset being displayed! Remember that here you are adding a clause/condition affecting the mysql database query. Each wrong or missing charter/quote will cause an error. Handle with care!

  • Select title field: Here you can select the CB field that will be used as the "TITLE" placeholder in the map templates and also when you hover over the markers. 
  • Select sales area field: Here you can select the CB field that will be used to calculate the "Sales Area". It has to be a numeric value/field. See the Geocode Factory advanced features article to better understand this functionality
  • Usergroups to include: Here you can select the Joomla usergroups from which to choose the user markers to display on the map. You can enter multiple joomla usergroups.
  • Template for online and offline icon: Here you can enter the HTML template to be used as online and offline icon respectively.
  • Draw Lines: Select if you wish to Draw Lines between the markers.

Applies To

Geocode Factory 5