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Alternate method - Metadata

Geocode Factory 5 allows you to use a alternate method to geocode your joomla articles: using the metadata (description or keywords).

Use Metadata as address when save articles

To use this, you need to configure the content plugin '', and set the 'Silent Geocode' option to use the metadata. Then when you save a Joomla article (frontend or backend), Geocode Factory, will read the metakeys or metadesc, transform it in address, and try to geocode it. If case of success the coordinates are saved in a special Geocode Factory table.

Use Metadata as address when batch geocode articles

You can also use the articles metadata for batch geocoding (from backend). To accomplish this, you need to create a new pattern in Geocode Factory, based on the 'Joomla 3.0 content gateway' and set the coordinates fields to use the meatadesc or metakes. Now in batch geocode you will see this new patters and all joomla articles. You can geocode them in one click.

Applies To

Geocode Factory 5