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 Pattern manager and joomla content

When you enter the pattern manager you will see that one default pattern for joomla content is created automatically when you installed the plugin.

Default Joomla Content Pattern

Unlike other 3rd party extensions, for the case of geocoding joomla articles there are no fields to assign inside the pattern manager. This is because there are no fields in the Joomla articles component used so the respective Geocode Factory plugin has been designed to introduce the address/location directly inside the article via a plugin button.

In other words, the address to geocode is to be manually placed inside each selected joomla article using the plugin button.

How to save coordinates in articles

To do this, open up the Joomla “Article Manager” (found in the Joomla “Content” menu). Select the article you wish to add a map to and open it. Then simply click on the plugin button at the place you want the map to appear on the article view (inside the editor found on the “Content” tab). For example you may want to place the map at the end of the article like in the example below.

Note: You can also perform this editing from the frontend given you have the appropriate user rights.

article geocode plugin

Clicking on the button will cause the plugin pop-up to appear. Type in a location on the address field and the map will automatically point at your location. You can even enter the coordinates manually if you choose.

Add plugin code (draw map): Select this checkbox option if you want the map to be displayed inside this specific article as well. Either way, whether you select this option or not, the geocode information will be used for displaying this location alongside other locations (ex:articles) on a separate Geocode Factory map.

Save your article when finished and repeat this process for all the articles you wish to add to your map.

Applies To

Geocode Factory 5