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Gateway Plugin configuration

Inside the joomla “Plugin Manager” you will find the Gateway plugin you installed. To locate it more easily, you can use the filter by adding the text “geocode” for example, like in the following image.
GF5 Joomla Plugin Manager


Geocode Factory - Gateway plugin

If you choose to use the "Draw Lines" option (Specific Settings tab in Markerset manager) of Geocode Factory for the Joomla content gateway plugin there is one option to configure in this plugin: This is to select the colors of the lines drawn between the markers. To do so click on the hexadecimal color code and select the color from the palette pop-up. Or alternatively, you can type in the hexadecimal color code of your choice in the field directly.

Joomla Content Gateway

If you do not use this specialised feature, then you do not need to configure anything in this plugin.

Applies To

Geocode Factory 5