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Content Plugin configuration

Inside the joomla “Plugin Manager” you will find the Content plugin you installed. To locate it more easily, you can use the filter by adding the text “geocode” for example, like in the following image.
GF5 Joomla Plugin Manager

Geocode Factory - Content plugin

Configuring the Joomla content plugin you have the following options: 

Joomla Content PluginMap selector: Select the map to be used with this plugin. The options in the dropdown correspond to the maps you have created in your “Map Manager”

  • Show Map: Here you can choose if you want to display a map inside the articles. If you choose to do this, you have an option to select a Geocode Factory map or a static map. In both these cases the map will appear at the position where the plugin code is entered inside the article (See “How to save coordinates in articles“ for more details in the next section). You may also choose not to display a map inside each individual geocoded article by selecting “No”.
  • Map Zoom: You can select the specific zoom level or leave it to "Auto".
  • Static Map width and Height: You can determine the height and width of your static map in pixels here.

Applies To

Geocode Factory 5