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Tutorial Step 4 : Batch Geocoding

From the Geocode Factory control panel, or your left hand Geocode Factory menu, click on "Batch Geocoding".

First, you must select the desired extension from the supported extension dropdown In this example we will select the “Community Builder”extension as seen in the image below.

Secondly, select the desired pattern for this extension from the second dropdown. In the image below, only the “Default - Community Builder” pattern exists.

You will then see the list of Community Builder profiles you have in your joomla site like the following image.

You now have three options:

a) Geocode Filtered

You can geocode all the CB profiles in one take using the “Geocode Filtered” button located at the top left part of your screen. In this case, Geocode Factory will process all of the addresses/locations of your CB profiles in one batch. Ideally, you would use this scenario when all your entries are missing coordinate data.

Note: You may use the search box tool on the top of the screen to filter out the articles that are listed (this tool will search in the title of your profiles). Similarly you can use the dropdown next to the search to filter the list between the articles that have coordinates and those that don’t. Theoretically you would want to select the entries that don’t have coordinates in this case.

Once the process is finished click on the “Geocoding job done” button, as seen on the image below.

b) Geocode Selected

This is similar to the above step. In this case you can geocode many CB profiles in one take by selecting the CB profiles you wish to geocode first and then clicking on the “Geocode Selected” button located at the top left part of your screen. To select the profiles, tick the check box of the  CB profiles you want to geocode. The check box is located on the left of each listed CB profile. Geocode Factory will then process the addresses/locations of the selected profiles in one batch.

This option may be especially useful if you want to edit the address/location of a few profiles.

At the end of the Geocode Filtered or the Geocode Selected processes you should get a screen that looks like this:

Finally, click on the “Geocoding job done” button once the process is finished, as seen on the image above.

c) Manual Geocode

Alternatively, you can geocode the CB profiles manually (one by one). This option is also very useful if you want to correct or generate (geocode) the address/location coordinates of one or a few profiles. For example, you can use the dropdown next to the search to filter the list and display only the entries.items that don’t have coordinates.

To geocode the profiles manually first click on the “Load address” button next to the article you want to geocode to verify it is correctly being generated. The address/location will then appear under this button.

Once the address has appeared and it looks correct, proceed by clicking on the “Geocode this item” button that stands above the map area. Clicking on this will geocode the address and you should see a message appear under the map like this:

Applies To

Geocode Factory 5