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What is it

To display any type of content (items) on a map, or to be able to search these with a radius search tool, the content items need to have coordinates. The task of assigning coordinates to items (entries, user profiles,etc) is called “geocoding”.


Several third party extensions already have coordinate fields ready to be used for mapping purposes. The data in these fields is usually populated during the creation of the entries in each respective extension. In cases where they don’t have this data available, GF has a feature called “Batch geocoding” where the address related fields of the 3rd party extensions are used to get the coordinates that are needed for mapping. Have a look at this table for examples of some of these.





 Joomla content plugin

 during article creation


Built in geocode or


Geocode Factory batch geocode



during entry creation*

Geocode Factory batch geocode

* optional Sigsiu’s plugin (SP-GeoField)

 Mosets Tree

during entry creation

Built in geocode or

Geocode Factory batch geocode


 Community Builder

during profile registration through Geocode Factory profile plugin

Geocode Factory batch geocode



during profile registration through built in function

Geocode Factory batch geocode


Batch Geocoding

What is it?

Batch Geocoding is an operation which geocodes multiple entries in one take. In other words, batch geocoding is the execution of a series of geocoding tasks on your computer without manual (human) intervention.

Keep in mind that Google limits the number of geocode requests to 2500 per 24 hours and per IP. Using a google api key will not change this quota.

Note: If you are using shared hosting (like OVH), the quota is shared between all account that share this IP. Our advice is to use a good Joomla hosting company.


To geocode entries or profiles from the backend you need to select the third party extension you want to geocode and the pattern to use. Once the entries appear you can start to batch geocode them.

Note: You can also geocode each entry separately, or just check the address (see "Manual Geocode" section below).

Applies To

Geocode Factory 5