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Tutorial Step 2 - Pattern Manager

Default Patterns

When you enter the pattern manager you will see that one default pattern for each installed 3rd party plugin has already been created. This happened automatically when you installed the plugin. For example, in the following image you see a Geocode Factory setup where the joomla content and the community builder plugins have been installed:

Click on the pattern type of your choice to edit/configure the pattern.

On the first tab - “General” - there is nothing that you need to configure  

On the second tab “Pattern Type” the selection has already been made in the case of the default patterns and cannot be edited. It is on the third tab “Assign fields to the values” where the field association is configured.

Assign fields to the values tab

Each third party extension is a little different. The most unique of all is the case of Joomla content where there are no fields to configure (no address nor coordinates). The rest of the third party extensions have some fields to configure.

Below is an example from the Community Builder pattern type field association. You can see the Community Builder fields which have been chosen to be used for each case (both coordinate and address fields scenario).

As you can see, to define the address you are able to select a lot of information (city, postcode, street,county, state, country). There is no need to select all of them. However having too few selected may give a less accurate geocoding result.

For example, if you only select the city, then the marker will be placed on the city position. If you also select the street field which also has a street number in it’s data, then the marker will be placed on a more exact position.

Note: Usually only the "text" fields appear as options in the selectors. In the GF main configuration, you can allow the application to use all type of fields, but this is not recommended, so use this at your own risk.

Save your pattern when you’re finished selecting the fields.

New Patterns

As we mentioned earlier, you can create multiples patterns for each application. For several extensions it may be useful to have these different patterns. For example, in Community Builder you can have multiples addresses for your profiles (ex: office and home address). Or in Sobipro, you may have two different sections with different type of entries (ex: restaurants and hotels). In these cases you can create one pattern for each target (each address type in CB or each section in Sobipro) and so each pattern will contain it’s own coordinates and/or address fields. Finally, in your markerset (or geocode tool) you simply need to select the right pattern to be used in each case.

To create another pattern, click on the new button on the top left hand of the Pattern Manager. On the first tab you need to give your pattern a name.

On the second tab you would have to select the pattern type and save to get the third tab “Assign fields to the values” to appear. For directions see the “Assign fields to the values” section above.

Markerset manager

What is it

A markerset contains the rules used to display markers. You can add multiple markersets to one map and each markerset may also be applied to multiple maps. Each markerset has it’s own settings. On the same map you can have markers from multiple sources, with different settings (marker icons, bubble template, etc). This makes GF a very powerful and highly customisable Joomla extension.

Applies To

Geocode Factory 5