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Geocode Factory 5 is a mapping component that is compatible with Joomla 3.x only. There is no backward compatibility. For Joomla 1.5 to 2.5 you can use Geocode Factory 3 (Geocode Factory 4 was never released, it was a developer and sandbox version).


Geocode Factory is a mapping component that works with Joomla! core as well as many other 3rd party extensions that store adress and/or coordinates data. It displays joomla content and/or other third party items on maps. You can display multiple marker sets from different 3rd party components on one or more Geocode Factory map if you have the associated gateway plugins installed. Geocode Factory 5 is not a directory or data storage component itself. It is only for mapping geographic data generated by other components like Sobipro, Jomsocial, Community Builder, etc).

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Even without 3rd party components though, you can use Geocode Factory to geocode your Joomla content (articles) and display it on google maps in many different ways. To do this, Geocode Factory 5 uses a gateway and a content plugin (included in your core Geocode Factory 5 package) designed for Joomla articles.

Plugin concept

Geocode Factory starting with version 5 introduces the use of plugins for specific extensions to extend the core component. Each additional plugin will create a gateway between Geocode Factory and that particular third party extension, and will act as a translator between that component and Geocode Factory 5.

By default Geocode Factory 5 is delivered with a gateway and a content plugin for Joomla content allowing you to geocode Joomla articles and display them on maps (gateway plugin) and/or display maps inside articles (content plugin). Other gateway plugins are available to allow Geocode Factory 5 to be used with popular 3rd party extensions such as Sobipro, Community Builder, Jomsocial, etc.

plugin concept

Example : There is a Gateway for Sobipro, that allows Geocode Factory 5 to read geocode data from Sobipro entries and use that data to display makers. After installing the gateway you can create marker sets from your Sobipro data. You can also display many different marker sets on one Geocode Factory 5 map. For example you can show Sobipro entries and Community Builder (or Jomsocial) users on the same map.

Each third party extension has it's own specifications and settings. Some extensions may even have a second plugin available for some specialized and/or advanced feature. For instance, this is the case for Community Builder's profiles extension (the profile plugin).

If the extension you are using is not supported, we may be able to create it via custom development. You can open a support ticket and we'll take it from there.


This document will not describe every option of the product. Instead, we have chosen to provide a more practical, tutorial-oriented approach, making it easier to get started. Also, for most options you will see a tool tip when you hover the mouse over a feature that will give you a brief description of what each feature/option is about.

The more advanced and/or complex features are described separately, either here in the documentation, or in their own separate documentation. For example, when we refer to a feature of a Geocode Factory 5 3rd party extension, a different chapter or article is available which will describe the specific options (and tutorial) for these.

Please keep in mind that this is a “living document”. The images and text in this document may change over time because the product is subject to change.


To install Geocode Factory 5, read the Download, install and update manual.

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