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Draw connection lines between markers

It's easy to draw lines between friends (connected profiles), profiles and their entries, events and guests... Here's how you can do it.

First, you can select the color of each type of line (lines between users, between users and entries, ...).Go on the Geocode Factory control panel and select the 'Component parameters' icon, and then enter the color you want in 'human' mode (red, green, etc) or in hexadecimal mode (#ffffff, #f3f4f3, etc).


Note : You need to save the 'Components parameters' at least one time to apply the colors.

In order to show the lines between profiles, edit the map and select the "Display options" tab, and select "Yes" for "draw lines". For the other lines (between users and their events, entries, ...), you need to edit the markerset and set the "draw lines" option to "Yes".


Note 1 : The user connections are drawn "by map" and not "by markerset", because some friends can be in different markersets for the same map.

In the following sample, we see 3 friends (red lines), 1 event (gift icon) and 2 of the friends are already confirmed guest for the event (cyan lines).


Applies To

Geocode Factory 3, Geocode Factory 5