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Marker Icons


In Geocode Factory you can use different images as marker icons. There is not only a selectable list of images, but you will find some advanced options. All the options from this article are in the Markerset manager editor, within the Marker icon tab.


Common parameters

Image size

If you use any custom image (except the google balloon), you can define the icon size on the map. For this there are 2 parameters: width and height. The values are in pixels and this setting defines the size for all image of the markerset. Ideally it's best to have uniform image sizes to begin with like avatars or entry images. that makes it easy to scale them proportionately.



When you upload images to use as icons, you need to upload them into the correct folders. This is the list of folders :

  • Joomla images : use the normal Joomla! image folder images/ (images/stories/ for joomla! 1.5)
  • Mapicons : if you want add your own icons here, the folder is : components/com_geocode_factory/assets/images/markers/
  • Profile icon : in the profile map, we use a blue icon. You can replace this icon here: components/com_geocode_factory/assets/images/markers/

Normal icon

Normal icons are images that you have uplaoded on your site, or the simple google balloon.

Google balloon

This is the basic option, and will display the google balloon. This icon is controlled by google, and if google change the default type, it will be changed too.

In Marker icon type, select : Default google.


Custom image

You can select any image from your computer, and upload it into you joomla images folder.

In Marker icon type, select : Joomla image. The uploaded images are now available into the Joomla images listbox, and you can select them.


Map Icons Collection is a set of more than 700 free icons to use in Geocode Factory. Geocode Factory includes a sample of the collection of about 100 icons, and more icons are loadable for free. The icons are from Map Icons Collection, you can also customize the colors on this website and generate more icons.

In Marker icon type, select : Map icons. Now you can select the desired icon in the Map icon listbox.


Automated icons

Automated icons are taken from the markers source itself, like the profile avatar or such. See the Geocode Factory and categories article for more details.

Profile or entry image

If you are using a profile markerset (for Community Builder or Jomsocial), you can use the user's avatar as marker icon. In the same way you can use the entry / ad / listing image.

In Marker icon type, select : Logo/Avatar. Now the avatar or logo will be used. If there is no image, then the google balloon is used. In Sobipro, you can use any custom field (of type image), as entry logo (icon), then you need to select what image to use.

The image bottom-center is the point that is related to the marker coordinates. Geocode Factory draw a little circle to identify this point. You can change this image. It's located in the same folder with the Profile icon (see above). You can change it in a frame to surround the image, in this case it's advisable to fix the image size.


Category image

If you are using a directory component that allow to use images to identity categories, you can use this image as marker icon. Then with one marker set you can have different marker icons on your map defined by the category that the marker comes from. If an entry is in multiple categories, the first image is used.

In Marker icon type, select : Category image.

Using different icons on same map

Of course you can mix multiple markerset with multiple image method on the same map. For example, you can create a map with :

  • A markerset based on user's profile with avatar as marker icon
  • A markerset based on Sobipro entries, with the categories images as marker icon
  • A markerset based on JEvents with a Map icon as marker icon


We want to create a map based on members profiles and we want to differentiate between mebers who are online and offline. At first we need to upload 2 icons (one red and one green) with the Joomla! media manager into the images folder (see above). Follow this step by step procedure :

  • Create your map "My users map", with all options you need
  • Create a markerset name "Only online users", and set the following options:
    • Link the markerset with the "My users map" map
    • Select the green icon
    • Create the bubble template
    • On the "Data source" tab, select the "Online profiles" option
    • Save
  • Create a markerset name "Only offline users", and set the following options:
    • Link the markerset with the "My users map" map
    • Select the red icon
    • Create the bubble template
    • On the "Data source" tab, select the "Offline profiles" option
    • Save
  • Create a menu item for this map, and check in the frontend


Applies To

Geocode Factory 3, Geocode Factory 5