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How to use debug mode ?

"How can I track configuration problems or errors ."

Follow this procedure to activate the debug mode :

  • Go in component control panel
  • Select the Component parameters icon
  • Set the Debug mode to ON
  • Save

You now will see all PHP warnings and notices. If you see some notices, warnings or errors, please report them by creating a support ticket.

In the frontend, you will see the message  Debug ON above any map.

If you load any markersets, you will see a link pointing to an xml file. That is the raw data about the markers loaded on the maps. In case of markers not loading, or wrong markers, it's a good idea to check this file if some errors are reported, or if markers are present.

When in debug mode, when you click on a marker to load the bubble, you will see a new link appearing near the marker xml link. This new link is called Bubble link. Here you can see the content of the bubble loaded in a fresh browser page. This can be useful for debugging styles and such.

Note 1 : The debug mode should not be used with a published production site.


Applies To

Geocode Factory 3, Geocode Factory 5