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This tutorial is written to explain how to display the radius search results on a google map using the Geocode Factory Joomla component. You can already use the Sobipro Geomap module from, in this case, please refer you to Sobipro club help.

Necessary extensions

  • Sobipro Radius Search application : to provide Sobipro with radius search function
  • Geocode Factory component : to generate the maps
  • Geocode Factory module (free) : to display the maps on Sobipro pages
  • Sobipro map search plugin : to link the Sobipro search with the map

Step 1 - configure the Radius search

The first step is to have the radius search working properly on Sobipro. For this please read the Sobipro Radius Search tutorial. You need to be able to execute a search trough the directory with a specified radius and see the correct results.

Note : perhaps your directory is not geocoded (entries don't have any coordinates), in this case, please read this article : .

Step 2 - Configure Geocode Factory

Geocode Factory is needed to generate the map with the markersets.

Follow this tutorial to configure the Geocode Factory component. You need to configure it at least with the following settings :

  • Create one map
  • The map template needs to contain at least the following placeholders [map] and[radius_search_hide]. You can add any other placeholders except the [radius_search]. Advice :too many controls can confuse the users.
  • The map center point need to be the "All markers" option, then the map will always be zoomed on search results
  • Field assignation for your Sobipro section should be ok in Geocode Factory
  • All Sobipro entries for your section need to be geocoded (can already be done during entry creation process with SP-geo field)
  • Create one markerset that displays all Sobipro markers on the map

To make sure the map works correctly, please create a menu link pointing to the map. Now check if it contains the Sobipro markers. If all is fine, you can unpublish this menu link if you want to.

Note : you can display more markersets on this map, like the entries owner profile markers. Only the Sobipro markers will be affected by Sobipro search.

Step 3 - Configure Geocode Factory module

The module is needed to display the map on the Sobipro search form.

Install the module, and configure it to display the map created in step 2. Publish the module at least on the Sobipro search page. Now you will see a map with all Sobipro markers, exactly the same as step 2.

Note : you can publish the module on other pages of your website, but in this case it will show all markers.

Step 4 - configure the Sobipro map search plugin

This plugin makes the bridge between Sobipro search results and Geocode Factory map.

Install the plugin through the Joomla! installer, and enable it. Now when you do a search, the displayed map on the module is filtered with search results. If you use the radius option on the Sobipro search form, a circle is drawn on the map to represents the radius (this can be disable in the map options).

Applies To

Sobipro Radius Search - Application