Geocode Factory lets you style you google map applying your choice of colors to the map elements (water, country bounds and names, roads, etc).  

In just a few easy steps you can apply original styles to your maps. This is based on Google Maps API v3 Styled Maps functionality. 


Styled google map sample feature

This map have a fixed center, and fixed zoom. The markers are from Sobipro, and are not related to the style feature.


On this map, we have simply changed colors for the water and and land as well as the roads. The styles can be defined separately for each map you create.

To create theses styles we provide the Google maps style generator, and you can easy apply the generated style to the Geocode Factory map.


Styled google map

How to reproduce ?

  • Click to edit your map of choce in "Map manager" 
  • Go on the "Map settings" tab
  • Locate the "Map style" box area 
  • Click on the "style wizard" link
  • Create your style (for more details on how this works read the "How to use the Styled Maps "Wizard" that appears. 
  • Simply copy and paste the created style in the "Map style" box are (this is in JSON).