radius backFrom the backend you can choose to load only the markers that fall within a given radius from a fixed point. The fixed point can be:

  • the logged-in profile position of the user
  • the defined map center, or
  • the current entry position (the entry being browsed)

Google map with additional layers

This map is set to display markers from Sobipro.

For this sample we created a markerset with :  

  • A map center (fixed point) based on a radius of 500 km from Stuttgart, Germany

As you can see the resulting map will only display the markers that fall within the 500 km radius of the center of the map. 

(For other ways to filter the markers to be displayed have a look at Markers filtering.)

How to configure

Choose the markerset you have assigned to this map. In the "Radius options" tab set the following:

  • The radius distance and the unit (km or miles)
  • And the radius center. This radius center can be the (logged-in) registered profile position of the user,  the current entry position (automatic emphasis on the entry or entries being browsed), or the defined map center.
  • In our case we choose the "Default map center" that we have set inside the first tab of our map in "Map manager" (Stuttgart, Germany)

radius backend