Geocode Factory allows you an almost endless number of ways to filter your source data in order to select what you really want to display on a map.

The filtering criteria can be applied on the data's custom fields, categories, access levels, and much more. These options often allow you to extend the functionality of your 3rd party extension in many creative ways.

On this next map we have created 2 markersets based on the same data source of cities, but filtered through the values of a custom field.

The filters have been applied to the population - a SobiPro custom field - to seperate the cities in two groups (markersets): Those with more than 1 000 000 residents, and those with less.

How to configure

The way to do this is in your markerset manager, on the "Specific settings tab". Here you will apply a filter on the custom field which is in this case the "Population". 

  • One of the markerset have the following filter (fid=38 AND baseData  >= 1000000) and the second have (fid=38 AND baseData  >= 1000000). The SobiPro field id here is 38 (fid).
  • You can also do further filtering by category here by populating the "Categories to include".
  • Each marker set on this map have it's own marker icon. This is set in the "Marker icon" tab (see Autmatic marker icons)

specific filter