list-selectorAnother way to present your entries and allow your users to browse through them on the map is to add a sidelist which contains them.

This way, when a user clicks on an entry found in the sidelist, the map centers around the selected entry's marker.

In this next map you will see the marker sidelist containing different cities.

Click on a city in the sidelist found at the bottom of the map

Try it !


How to configure

This is very easy to reproduce. Simply add the sidelist placeholder in the map's template.

In more detail:

  • Select your map inside the "Map manager".
  • Then click on the "Template" tab and place your cursor at the place where you wish to add your placeholder inside the "Map template" box.
  • Finally click on the "Placeholders generator" at the bottom and select  "{sidelists}" (or simply type "{sidelists}" inside the box).  

The markers are from Sobipro. However the same principle displayed here also applies for Community Builder, Jomsocial, Mosets, etc.