Do you want the users of your map to browse the entries of your directory by selecting individual categories?  With Geocode Factory you can easily create a frontent category selector dropdown menu which will automatically populate the list with the categories found in your 3rd party extension of choice.

In this next map we will be using Sobipro as the example component and the default "Business directory" categories just as they appear on the official SobiPro Demo

This also means that if you add a category in your SobiPro directory at a later time, the category will automatically be added in your map's category selector as well.

This map is also using category dependant icons. This means that each entry in the markerset automatically get it's marker icon from the icon assigned to it's category inside SobiPro (the same can apply for Community Builder, Jomsocial, Mosets, etc,).

Total time it takes to create this map : 3 minutes !

Please note that the categories here do not actually mean anything, the entries are randomly assigned to categories for the sole purpose of demonstrating the functionality. 

Dyncat feature sample

This map is set to display markers from Sobipro.cite

Category selector :

How to configure

The category selector is simply a placeholder (dyncat) inside your map's template. Also, the map is using one markerset which includes all the SobiPro markers of this specific SobiPro section.

In more detail:

  • Select your map inside the "Map manager".
  • Then click on the "Template" tab and place your cursor at the place where you wish to add your placeholder inside the "Map template" box.
  • Click on the "Placeholders generator" at the bottom, select  the correct "{dyncat}" placeholder and edit select which category you want as "root" or "parent" (see below). 

About the dyncat placeholders: 


The dyncat placeholders that appear in your "Placeholders generator" will depend on your Joomla website and the extensions that have been installed. In the image seen here there are 5 dyncats available: 

The first one is to be used for Joomla Content (_JC) and the other 4 are the 4 SobiPro sections (_SP) present in this Joomla installation. For these last 4, the number after "SP" is the Section id.

The number after the "##" (00) represents the ID of the root (or parent) category of your category selector. Change the 00 with the parent category ID of your choice.


Keep in mind that the SobiPro Section ID is the same number as the root category ID of that section. So if you want your dynamic category selector to have ALL the categories of your SobiPro section, you simply need to repeat the number after ## like this for example: {dyncat MS_SP-1#01}