You dont want to display the standard Google maps? You have your own map? You need to display the Openstreet map or simply prefer the Bing map? Or maybe a complex combination of all - or any - of the above? Geocode Factory makes all this possible to set up in your backend map settings.

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This map have a fixed center, and fixed zoom. There is only one marker in the (one) markerset assigned to this map, but you can always add some more if you like. Markersets (from joomla content, SobiPro, Community Builder, etc) are not related to the style feature.
We have included a long list of map types.

In this map you can see multiple type of maps (Click on the top right corner options to select the map to see): 

  • Map & Satellite are Google maps
  • Personal image is a map, including a custom satellite image (orthophoto) from a customer (only available in some zoom levels and in the basis area
  • Next you can see a Bing! map, which is more accurate - better images - for this island.
  • And finaly a few Open Street Map types follow.

Of course this list is 100% customisable and you are not obliged to load the google maps. As you can see, you are able to land on the selected type (in this case the map lands on a Personal image).

You can load any custom tiles, we have an algorithm that can use them.

The result you see on this map is set up by having the following links/code in the "Custom tile" box under the "Map type" tab of the map setting in "Maps manager":|Personal image|18Custom map from a user|true|256;|Labels|18|Bing! label|true|256 ;|Mapnik|18|Open Streetmap Mapnik|true|256 ;|Bicycle|18|Open cycle|true|256 ;|Transport|18|Open transport|true|256 ;|Landscape|18|Open landscape|true|256

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Geoocde Factory 5 search module demo (free module)

Geocode Factory 5
Joomla 3
Create an unlimited number of Google Maps
Compatibility many extensions.
Geocode Factory 3
Joomla 1.5 to 2.5
Create an unlimited number of Google Maps
Compatibility many extensions.