Super cluster Too many markers ? Normal cluster load too long?


Try the super cluster plugin, is very fast, only the cluster is loaded.

With classic cluster all markers are loaded and only after they are dispatched in cluster.

Super cluster Already tested the new render method?


Try it here, is very fast, only the current view is loaded.

In addition you can combine this with the new Super Cluster feature, then also big map are quickly loaded.

Welcome to the Geocode Factory demo! Actually, it's more like demos. The maps showcased here have been designed to exhibit the numerous and rich features of Geocode Factory, on a case by case basis.


1Give you a taste of what Geocode Factory can do for you,

2Inspire your quest for a new idea you are looking to implement on your project,

3And/or simply compliment the existing documentation by providing working examples of many GF features

The Google Place gateway allows you to add content directly from Google's collection of over 95 million businesses and points of interest worldwide, enriching your maps with detailed information across a wide range of categories.


Using Geocode Factory and the Google places gateway plugin you can display airports, trains, business, banks, ATM's, museums, etc, as markers on a map alongside your other markers (from Joomla articles or other gateways like CB, SobiPro, Mosets, K2, etc).


Do you want the users of your map to browse the entries of your directory by selecting individual categories?  With Geocode Factory you can easily create a frontent category selector dropdown menu which will automatically populate the list with the categories found in your 3rd party extension of choice.

icon options smallIn Geocode Factory you have a variety of sources available to you for selecting the marker icons to be used for your entries. as seen in the image.

A feature we will see in this demo is the category dependant icons. Each entry in the markerset will automatically get it's marker icon from the category image as it is assigned in SobiPro (the same applies if you use Community Builder, Jomsocial, Mosets, etc).

clusterAre there too many markers on your map making the marker cloud unreadable in some locations?

The solution is clustering!

Clustering is a fully customisable feature on Geocode Factory. You can select the type of icon used and it's size, the zoom level, as well as the grid size.

sales areaThe sales area feature allows you to assign a radius distance for/from each entry, to represent the reach of each entry's activity.

By using a custom field of your choice, each entry can have it's own value that will determine the size of the radius used reflect the area it will cover.

For example, if the entry is a restaurant, this radius may be used to represent the distance they are willing to deliver to. Or if the entry is a wifi network node (or other type of "antenna"),  it can be used to display the distance where the signal is available.

In addition to markers from 3rd party Joomla applications, Geocode Factory can also display data from kml/kmz/GeoRss feeds.


In this example we'll see a feed of the last 50 earthquakes worldwide, provided by the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) and updated in real time.

So you want your map to automatically detect the user's position/location and only load the markers around him/her?


In this next demo we'll show you how to do this with Geocode Factory

radius backFrom the backend you can choose to load only the markers that fall within a given radius from a fixed point. The fixed point can be:

  • the logged-in profile position of the user
  • the defined map center, or
  • the current entry position (the entry being browsed)

list-selectorAnother way to present your entries and allow your users to browse through them on the map is to add a sidelist which contains them.

This way, when a user clicks on an entry found in the sidelist, the map centers around the selected entry's marker.

multiselectYou have more than one markerset to display and you want to allow users to toggle between the one(s) to display on the map at their own will?

In this example we have two markersets: One is a list of cities populated with more than 1 million people and the other with less than that.

Geocode Factory allows you an almost endless number of ways to filter your source data in order to select what you really want to display on a map.

The filtering criteria can be applied on the data's custom fields, categories, access levels, and much more. These options often allow you to extend the functionality of your 3rd party extension in many creative ways.

On this next map we have created 2 markersets based on the same data source of cities, but filtered through the values of a custom field.

You dont want to display the standard Google maps? You have your own map? You need to display the Openstreet map or simply prefer the Bing map? Or maybe a complex combination of all - or any - of the above? Geocode Factory makes all this possible to set up in your backend map settings.

Search module demo

Geoocde Factory 5 search module demo (free module)

Geocode Factory 5
Joomla 3
Create an unlimited number of Google Maps
Compatibility many extensions.
Geocode Factory 3
Joomla 1.5 to 2.5
Create an unlimited number of Google Maps
Compatibility many extensions.