The website is focused on the history, people, places, events, and objects related to the American Revolutionary war.


When planning the design of the website,, it was important consider how relevant content could be presented to users in the most interesting and efficient ways. Also, the site has a large volume of content (thousands articles on people, places, events, etc.) Of major importance was to give the users an idea of how much content is actually on the site, while also keeping the user interface to that content clean and engaging. A map that linked to relevant articles was a thought.

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When looking at joomla extensions, there were several mapping ones available, though each seemed to have a particular strength, while leaving out some important functions, except for Geocode Factory. It had the key elements of map marker, linked to articles, in a module format, with many many more and useful options. The visual output was great, clean, and would fit well into any site. When I was reading about it, a new version was due out in just a few weeks, so I waited for version Geocode Factory 5 and was one of the first users of it.


As I set things up Rick from MyJoom was extremely helpful in providing support, guidance, and any updates that were needed. I was able to get the component configured and a dedicated interactive map page set up on the site. Users can select via checkbox to see a variety of item of interest, from museums, to forts, to events relevant to history as well as key events over time. The functionality available in Geocode Factory made this possible. Users have provided great feedback, being excited about the interactive map and being able to use it to explore and learn about history.

Thanks so much for working to develop and support the best mapping component for joomla!