TrackGuru ( is a website that tracks information on trekking, mountain biking and other outdoor sports. The purpose of the site, however, is to combine this data to make it more convenient for visitors.


These elements are mainly:

  • Outdoor tracks.
  • Accommodation facilities (hotels, restaurants, etc.).
  • Events (festivals, fairs, etc.).
  • Publishing (books, publications, hiking maps).

The problem was finding a component that could handle geolocating all these different types of data elements on a single map. When we discovered Geocode Factory, we structured the site around it.

After reading the comprehensive documentation we realized that we could integrate all the  components we use using Geocode Factory:

  • GPS Tools (used for the representation of the tracks);
  • SobiPro (for accommodation and activities for publishing);
  • JEvents (for events)
  • Community Builder (for users).

We then installed these components to have one, integrated solution. We were not disappointed!

GF "reads" the coordinates of the various elements and displays them on a map, giving you the opportunity to customize the map itself and markers in a truly complete solution.

The maps are easily and highly customizable. Gecoode Factory supports all types of Google maps (satellite, normal, etc) and you can also customize them. For fans of OpenStreet maps, Geocode Factory can also use those maps if you prefer.

Even the management of Markers is both very simple yet comprehensive. You can load a marker for each type of object to be represented on the map and customize the icon as well! The marker-bubble is also very customizable, thanks to the ability to insert html code and placeholders for predefined variables. 

All tools are explained very well in the documentation on the site. You will have no trouble setting up the options.

Geocode Factory was an easy decision for us!

One last note about support from Rick. I really do not know how such a product can cost so little considering the speed and skill with which Rick helps. He seems as much a friend as a developer.

We recommend this component highly!