Startende Golfers (Starting Golfers) is a Dutch website focused on new golfers who are looking for information about how to start golfing. We give information about which possibilities there are, what kind of equipment they need, where they can find specific golf locations and we offer them free theoretical practice exams.

The reason we started this project was because the major parties involved in golfing in the Netherlands failed, in our opinion, to give good, well-arranged information about the possibilities for starting golfers. We provide this information on an independent and non-profit base.

Geocode Factory 5

With Mosets Tree we give users the possibility to search for specific categories of golf locations: golf exam locations, locations where you can play and get the Golf Passport, locations where you can register your golf handicap and locations where you can get golf lessons. To help visitors find such a location in their neighbourhood, we had to implement a radius search component. MyJoom Geocode Factory 5 for Joomla 3.x is a great solution for this purpose.

With Geocode Factory 5 we are able to show different maps and different marker sets on different category pages. With the marker set filter options we were also able to filter the locations for golf lessons to only show locations where you can follow our golf courses. The radius search is powerful due to its auto-complete fill box and the easy configuration in combination with Mosets Tree.

Search module

The 'Search by name' and 'Search by place' are two different modules; the Mosets Tree search module and the Geocode Factory Show Map module. By combining these these two modules into, what seems to be, one module, visitors are able to have the best experience in looking for a location. To implement this we had to insert some overrides in our template file and change some php script so the modules are showing correctly on all different pages. The auto-fill from the Geocode Factory module is just sublime in offering an easy radius search method.

Overall the flexibility in customization, presentation and styling is a great benefit of Geocode Factory. And with the user-friendly radius search form our visitors can easily find a specific location nearby without a hassle.

Startende Golfers


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